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Keeping up to date.

Although we try hard to fill everyone in with all the events, results and news at Kings Oak. Please follow our Kings Oak page for all the latest information. 

Back up & running on the website

Apologies to those who could not access our main website, we are not great with computer technology!


The website is back online as you can see, with a fancy new name


Over the next few weeks we will add some updates and new pictures. We have to fill everyone in with the success of the summer 🙂 …

Until then, please follow all the latest news on our facebook page 🙂

Its been far too long!

Hey everyone!

It has been far too long since we posted to you all. We are very sorry but life has been so hectic we have not had time to take moment!

The best way to keep up to date is to follow our facebook page as we are constantly updating on there with all the exciting happenings at home and away.

2016 was a fabulous year at Kings Oak but 2017 has also been pretty fabulous.

The Family welcomed Jasper, Emma and Richards first child. Jasper is a regular on the yard, mainly shouting orders, he has fitted in well and inherited the ‘Gill’ voice! Jasper also has a little pony already named Crumble. Crumble has got herself a little boyfriend named Big Bad John who is owned by Rocco. So it appears we have branched out and now have mini ponies.

Our teams have continued the great success of 2016 into 2017. We have 5 qualified for the Scope Festival this year already with more qualifiers planned. 2 of our senior riders are currently qualified for discovery second rounds. We have 20 qualification cards for the sunshine tour thanks to our splendid golden girl team! We attended the Blue Chip Championships this year with 10 junior riders, a very early start for the juniors but totally worth it.

In a few weeks we will be attending the wonderful Hickstead show ground for the Derby Meeting 2017 with 10 riders. 4 seniors will compete and 6 minis, most are new to the show ground but a couple have competed there before. We wish them lots of luck!

We have lots of new clients and liveries that we have welcomed to the centre in the last year, all with lots of equestrian goals that we will help to achieve as we say:

‘There is no place like Kings Oak’.


Blue Chip Championships is almost here!

The Blue Chip Championships are only one little sleep away for our Junior riders. This year we have 14 very excited young Equestrian’s attending for the Saturday classes. We managed to catch up with 4 our team members (Brianna Bonardie, Elbi Kokkini-Henshaw, Isobel Birchall and Maddison Phillips) who have qualified to ask them a few questions:

IMG_0659 (1)

• Describe your pony?
Brianna: Show name: Prince Sandy, Home name: Vincent, He is a 14.2, chocolate dun gelding and is probably the friendliest horse you could meet. He is going to be 8 years on 10TH April. I’ve owned him for almost 3 years now and in my eyes he has never put a foot wrong.
Elbi: Cupids valentine is a loveable caretaker who would look after you no matter what. He has taught me a lot through the very short year that we have spent together, he’s full of loyalty and character.
Isobel: My pony is a 14.2 Irish Sports horse. She loves jumping and is a kind, well mannered, dapple grey mare.
Maddison: Siwan mon Ruby is an extremely competitive mare, she is talented and is a brave but a careful pony.

• Where did you qualify?
Brianna:I qualified at Brook Farm training centre.
Elbi: I qualified for BlueChip at Duckhurst on the 27 of February in the British Novice and came 5th
Isobel:I qualified at Houghton Hall
Maddison: When I qualified for the Animo Pony Winter Novice Championships, I qualified at Houghton Hall which was a wonderful show venue, I came 3rd in the qualifier. When I qualified for the Animo Pony Winter Discovery championships, I qualified at Brook Farm, I came 2nd in the qualifier.

• What’s the best part about going to the Blue Chip Championships?
Brianna: It’s a great experience for both me and Vince to jump new fences and compete against tough competition. At the end of the day it’s another stepping stone toward becoming a better rider.
Elbi: The best part about Blue Chip Championship is the experience. I’ve never been to a show like this before as I have only been riding for a short time, so it’s going to be a thrilling experience for me and my pony.
Isobel: The best part about going to the Blue Chip Championships is being able to jump in the area itself, with such an encouraging atmosphere. Also, it is an amazing day and experience that will always be remembered.
Maddison: The best part of going to the blue chip championships would probably be that I will gain a lot of experience from the championship as Ruby and I will be able to compete against strong fields of people being able to see their way of riding.

• What’s your ambitions/goals for riding?
Brianna: I’d like to start small and achieve a place at the Blue-chip championships, however, in the long term I would love to become a professional show jumper in the future. One of my dreams is to jump at the Horse of The Year Show and/or Olympia.
Elbi: My ambitions for riding is to be like Greg Gill to be noticed by everyone and to jump in the top international classes at Hickstead
Isobel: My ambitions/goals for riding is to win, but at the same time have fun.
Maddison: My ambitions for my riding years is to try to reach the top, I would like to qualify for finals and compete in those finals.

• What would be your favourite show venue?
Brianna: So far, my favourite venue would be Hickstead due to the open spaced sand arena. I find I work better in outdoor arena’s.
Elbi:My favorite show venue would be at Brook Farm as I’ve been going to shows for only under a year

Isobel: My favourite show venue would be Blue Chip as it was the first biggest show I had ever attended, although I also really like Hickstead.

Maddison: My favourite show venue would probably be Hickstead this is because many international show jumpers have competed there.

• Who is your Equestrian Icon?
Brianna:Bertram Allen from Ireland because he is only 19 and is already reached 5th in the world. That shows a lot of dedication and skills which is quite inspirational considering his age. He is the youngest rider to win the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand prix to which I think is so inspirational.
Elbi: My equestrian icon is Scott Brash because he’s won an Olympic Gold Medal in London and won the Grand Prix in Florida and is top in world. I would love to travel the world jumping in different countries and competing against top show jumpers like he does.
Isobel: My equestrian icon is Scott Brash

Maddison: My equestrian idol is Scott Brash as he is such a talented and amazing rider to watch, he always keeps his cool even when it doesn’t always go to plan. 

We would like to wish all the riders representing Kings Oak the very best of luck. We hope you all have a wonderful day with your ponies

2016 is already here and trotting along nicely so far!

2015 was yet another splendid year for Kings Oak Equestrian Centre & the Gill Family.

Emma & Richard tied the knot in February.

The wonderful workmen at Bestco put the tarmac down at the end of 2014, which has been amazing and allows our liveries to pop up in their slippers if they fancy it! A whole year of that luxury.

Our teams have consistently bought home top results throughout the year with at least one first at every outing, we are incredibly proud of everyone’s individual success and look forward to progressing to the next stage in 2016.

10 of our riders all achieved their riding and road safety certificate at Tiptree Equestrian Centre supported by the British Horse Society. We also had 3 members complete their Stage 1 exam, keeping up with 100% pass rate for Kings Oak candidates.

Huge Congratulations to Brianna with Prince Sandy (Vincent) who qualified for the Blue Chip Championships at the end of 2015.

The annual awards ball was lots of fun, this year we had the theme of ‘Hollywood Oscars’. After the prize giving and yummy food everyone got their dancing shoes on and had a boogie till the early hours.

All our inspections that we had, from the council and the governing bodies we flew through maintaining our very high standard at Kings Oak.

The mini team at Hickstead did a fabulous job bringing home a record number of rosettes.

Mrs Gill had a ride on Canto for the family photograph that Barry Paffey took during a Photoshoot at Kings Oak with 4 generations from the Gill family.

We would not be such a great centre if it were not for the team of staff we have in. A very dedicated group who are very friendly, caring and enthusiastic to all the horses and clients.

I think we can all agree it has been another wonderful year for all at Kings Oak, we are looking forward to 2016 and what it has to bring. We have exciting plans at the Centre for all our regular riding clients and our Teams have plenty of competitions to tackle with some more Blue Chip and Scope Qualifiers. Not forgetting our favourite show Hickstead. To those who are thinking about starting horse riding or would like to get involved drop an email, give us a call or better yet pop to the centre, we love welcoming new people to the club.

Summer 2015

Can you believe the summer holidays have drawn to a close so quickly! We are well into the Autumn term. An exciting start for many of our members and we wish them lots of luck, whether it’s moving to university, moving school, starting school or perhaps just stepping up a class.
We like to cram a lot into our summer months and this year has been no exception.
Our in house events have included dozens of the popular Pony Day’s, where the children get to have ‘their own pony’ for a day, they spend time riding, grooming, tack cleaning and learning about day to day stable management. Before the day draws to a close they head into the arena for an inspection, gymkhana races and the prize giving presentation! It truly is one of the best days for the children.
We also had a very successful gymkhana afternoon for our ‘big kids’ where the competition was fierce… There was a laugh a minute on the handy pony, this is where both pony and rider must complete an obstacle course in the quickest possible time! The apple bobbing proved to be more than a little tricky for most.
Team Kings Oak stuck to tradition and attended Hickstead for all 3 meetings; The Derby Meeting, the Royal International and the All England Championship with great results. The mini team did a fabulous job at the Derby Meeting collecting plenty of rosettes every day, they behaved impeccably and we could not be prouder of them all. A selection of our Junior riders competed at the RHIS in July, we were thrilled with all their efforts and the superb photographs they have all bought home over the legendary Hickstead Planks! A special mention must go out to Little Mads and Ruby, who had a brilliant round, definitely a partnership to watch in the near future. The seniors produced some very good rounds throughout the three meetings, Bollinja (Golden Balls) consistently placing in very large classes. This year he qualified once again for the International Arena and finished up 9th. Overall I think we can say we had another splendid year at Hickstead.
At the end of our Summer Holidays we had our Awards Ball at Crews Hill Golf Club, the theme for the evening was ‘Oscar’ and everyone certainly dressed up for the occasion. It’s always lovely to see the stable crew in their glad rags and celebrating the successes they have had at the stables throughout the year. Finally we would like to wish the riders heading off to study at University etc plenty of luck, we look forward to welcoming you back during the holidays.

Winner Winner

We hope everyone is enjoying the lovely sunshine during the half term!

At the moment we have a very busy pony day running with lots of smiley faces, the children are grooming and tack cleaning in preparation for the inspection & Gymkhana this afternoon. I wonder who will take the championship title!

Team Kings Oak are definitely on a winning streak, on every single outing we have bought home bundles of rosettes. The dressage team headed out once again and performed to the usual high standard, achieving 1st, 2nd, two 3rd’s, two 4th’s and a 5th. Another top show under their belt, we are looking forward to the Finals in September.

A few of our senior riders nipped out to compete and dust of their cobwebs as it has been while since they last jumped. Picking up a few double clears. Golden Balls stole the 2nd place and Richard also made his debut at the senior show with the lovely Canto. A very enjoyable morning and a great lead up to the Hickstead.

Our Junior riders stole the show on Saturday at Brook Farm, tonnes of rosettes and happy faces! Too many double clears to count, two 1st’s, 2nd, two 3rd’s, 4th & 5th in the classes they jumped! As always impeccably behaved and wonderful to have the children represent Kings Oak.

Its been lovely to see lots of clients attending private sessions during the half term and making the most of the nice weather with the horses. We have welcomed lots of new faces to the stables over the past few weeks and look forward to seeing them achieve with their equestrian dreams.

Lastly, Good Luck to all our members who are currently sitting exams! We know its a stressful time for you, we have every faith you will be super! Not long now till you can relax and enjoy your summer holidays!

Fantastic Teams at Kings Oak!

It has been a very busy couple of months of team competing at Kings Oak.

Our consistent Senior Team attended one of the first Scope Qualifier shows at Brook Farm, a day of good results. Golden Balls picking up a placing in one qualifier and most importantly a few team members collecting their first double of 2 double clears required for a particular qualifier. All in all a successful show!

The ‘hot to trot’ Junior team plaited and polished their ponies, packed up their gear and headed off to The Blue Chip Championships. What a fantastic outing, all team members competed in the championship arena, developing great experience and riding some lovely rounds. We look forward to chasing the qualifiers once again next Winter Season. All our riders behaved impeccably and it was a pleasure to have them represent Kings Oak.

Finally the Dressage gang headed out today and WOW-WEE did they smash it!! We picked up the first 5 placings in the senior section of the first class and 3rd & 4th in the Junior section…A rainbow selection of rosettes!! The second class also bought home 3 more placings. To top it off we have qualifications for shows all over the place… So a huge well done to all who rode their socks off and for all the hard work you have put into your performances. 🙂

To keep up to date with all the teams at Kings Oak find us on our facebook page- Kings Oak Equestrian Centre.

Or get in contact with us via email.

Blue chip 3



Dressage 3



Hey Everyone!

We hope you all are enjoying the new website look 🙂

A very quick update, so much has been happening since the start of the New Year! So in a nutshell:

Emma & Richard got married at the end of February, they had a fantastic weekend of celebrations and a truly magical time. A huge Thank you to all those who shared our special day, the love & support has been overwhelming.

The Dressage team went out flying the Kings Oak Flag in January, bringing home a rainbow selection of rosettes & countless qualifications for the Championships! Fantastic news!

Every time both the Junior & Senior Jumping teams have been out in 2015 we have won at least one class & been in the line up throughout the day! All our riders are going from strength to strength and achieving their individual goals, We are incredibly proud at Kings Oak.

In a few weeks time, we have 14 Juniors representing Kings Oak at the Blue Chip Championships, we look forward to updating you with their results! Good Luck everyone!

At the stables we have plenty going on; Beth has taken over from Jordan as Yard Manager. Jordan has set off on a very exciting new career path joining the police force and we wish her lots of luck & will keep you posted on any updates.

Last year we had 3 riders achieve their BHS Stage 1 and 12 Riders take their Riding & Road Safety exam so we look forward to them stepping up to the next level very soon. We also have many new ambitious equestrians sitting further exams this year.

The weather has perked up and the days are lighter for longer, we look forward to welcoming old & new clients to the centre throughout 2015. Keep an eye out for Yeo Valley campaign that we have joined. It goes live on the 2nd April & will have offers available for those wanting to ride at Kings Oak!

Over the Easter Holidays we have plenty happening, including:

2 Jumping Days
Easter Show
3 Pony Days
Coursers Farm Adventures
& plenty more

Looking for something fun to do over the Easter Holidays? Try booking a fun session with friends or a private lesson with your favorite teacher!

Call Greg 07774164598
Emma 07901557290

Christmas & New Year!



Firstly we hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas & managed to catch up with friends & family. Christmas is always a very busy holiday for us, however we do manage to squeeze in a little time in each year to eat lots and be merry :)..

2013 was another successful year for the Gill family & Kings Oak-We purchased the new horsebox (‘Dorothy’) from Empire Horseboxes, have welcomed many new clients & liveries, introduced the new lecture room, continued to have great success with both our Junior & Senior Teams and of course we have started the 25 year celebrations. Yes, it is true, we have been here for 25 years!! For those of you who do not know, we intend to celebrate all year long. So far we have kicked off with some fantastic merchandise, (Coats, Hoodies & Calendars- We do have a few still available, while stocks lasts. Please see Emma or Greg.) a full set of jumps, the fantastic 25 year celebration show offering amazing rugs and saddle cloths, 2 Raffles for both our riding school clients and our liveries which offered a week’s free livery, free membership & many more great prizes.

2014, as you can imagine, is going to be our best yet! We always look forward to starting a new year, improving and achieving new goals is always something we encourage and welcome for all our riders. This year we have the added excitement of more 25 year celebrations & surprises. We can confirm that we will be holding a black tie ball that will include an awards night. More details will be released very soon.

For now, we hope you are all feeling very positive for what 2014 brings. The Gill family wish you all every success, health & happiness and truly believe the best is still to come 🙂

Lots of love x