Summer 2015

Can you believe the summer holidays have drawn to a close so quickly! We are well into the Autumn term. An exciting start for many of our members and we wish them lots of luck, whether it’s moving to university, moving school, starting school or perhaps just stepping up a class.
We like to cram a lot into our summer months and this year has been no exception.
Our in house events have included dozens of the popular Pony Day’s, where the children get to have ‘their own pony’ for a day, they spend time riding, grooming, tack cleaning and learning about day to day stable management. Before the day draws to a close they head into the arena for an inspection, gymkhana races and the prize giving presentation! It truly is one of the best days for the children.
We also had a very successful gymkhana afternoon for our ‘big kids’ where the competition was fierce… There was a laugh a minute on the handy pony, this is where both pony and rider must complete an obstacle course in the quickest possible time! The apple bobbing proved to be more than a little tricky for most.
Team Kings Oak stuck to tradition and attended Hickstead for all 3 meetings; The Derby Meeting, the Royal International and the All England Championship with great results. The mini team did a fabulous job at the Derby Meeting collecting plenty of rosettes every day, they behaved impeccably and we could not be prouder of them all. A selection of our Junior riders competed at the RHIS in July, we were thrilled with all their efforts and the superb photographs they have all bought home over the legendary Hickstead Planks! A special mention must go out to Little Mads and Ruby, who had a brilliant round, definitely a partnership to watch in the near future. The seniors produced some very good rounds throughout the three meetings, Bollinja (Golden Balls) consistently placing in very large classes. This year he qualified once again for the International Arena and finished up 9th. Overall I think we can say we had another splendid year at Hickstead.
At the end of our Summer Holidays we had our Awards Ball at Crews Hill Golf Club, the theme for the evening was ‘Oscar’ and everyone certainly dressed up for the occasion. It’s always lovely to see the stable crew in their glad rags and celebrating the successes they have had at the stables throughout the year. Finally we would like to wish the riders heading off to study at University etc plenty of luck, we look forward to welcoming you back during the holidays.