Blue Chip Championships is almost here!

The Blue Chip Championships are only one little sleep away for our Junior riders. This year we have 14 very excited young Equestrian’s attending for the Saturday classes. We managed to catch up with 4 our team members (Brianna Bonardie, Elbi Kokkini-Henshaw, Isobel Birchall and Maddison Phillips) who have qualified to ask them a few questions:

IMG_0659 (1)

• Describe your pony?
Brianna: Show name: Prince Sandy, Home name: Vincent, He is a 14.2, chocolate dun gelding and is probably the friendliest horse you could meet. He is going to be 8 years on 10TH April. I’ve owned him for almost 3 years now and in my eyes he has never put a foot wrong.
Elbi: Cupids valentine is a loveable caretaker who would look after you no matter what. He has taught me a lot through the very short year that we have spent together, he’s full of loyalty and character.
Isobel: My pony is a 14.2 Irish Sports horse. She loves jumping and is a kind, well mannered, dapple grey mare.
Maddison: Siwan mon Ruby is an extremely competitive mare, she is talented and is a brave but a careful pony.

• Where did you qualify?
Brianna:I qualified at Brook Farm training centre.
Elbi: I qualified for BlueChip at Duckhurst on the 27 of February in the British Novice and came 5th
Isobel:I qualified at Houghton Hall
Maddison: When I qualified for the Animo Pony Winter Novice Championships, I qualified at Houghton Hall which was a wonderful show venue, I came 3rd in the qualifier. When I qualified for the Animo Pony Winter Discovery championships, I qualified at Brook Farm, I came 2nd in the qualifier.

• What’s the best part about going to the Blue Chip Championships?
Brianna: It’s a great experience for both me and Vince to jump new fences and compete against tough competition. At the end of the day it’s another stepping stone toward becoming a better rider.
Elbi: The best part about Blue Chip Championship is the experience. I’ve never been to a show like this before as I have only been riding for a short time, so it’s going to be a thrilling experience for me and my pony.
Isobel: The best part about going to the Blue Chip Championships is being able to jump in the area itself, with such an encouraging atmosphere. Also, it is an amazing day and experience that will always be remembered.
Maddison: The best part of going to the blue chip championships would probably be that I will gain a lot of experience from the championship as Ruby and I will be able to compete against strong fields of people being able to see their way of riding.

• What’s your ambitions/goals for riding?
Brianna: I’d like to start small and achieve a place at the Blue-chip championships, however, in the long term I would love to become a professional show jumper in the future. One of my dreams is to jump at the Horse of The Year Show and/or Olympia.
Elbi: My ambitions for riding is to be like Greg Gill to be noticed by everyone and to jump in the top international classes at Hickstead
Isobel: My ambitions/goals for riding is to win, but at the same time have fun.
Maddison: My ambitions for my riding years is to try to reach the top, I would like to qualify for finals and compete in those finals.

• What would be your favourite show venue?
Brianna: So far, my favourite venue would be Hickstead due to the open spaced sand arena. I find I work better in outdoor arena’s.
Elbi:My favorite show venue would be at Brook Farm as I’ve been going to shows for only under a year

Isobel: My favourite show venue would be Blue Chip as it was the first biggest show I had ever attended, although I also really like Hickstead.

Maddison: My favourite show venue would probably be Hickstead this is because many international show jumpers have competed there.

• Who is your Equestrian Icon?
Brianna:Bertram Allen from Ireland because he is only 19 and is already reached 5th in the world. That shows a lot of dedication and skills which is quite inspirational considering his age. He is the youngest rider to win the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand prix to which I think is so inspirational.
Elbi: My equestrian icon is Scott Brash because he’s won an Olympic Gold Medal in London and won the Grand Prix in Florida and is top in world. I would love to travel the world jumping in different countries and competing against top show jumpers like he does.
Isobel: My equestrian icon is Scott Brash

Maddison: My equestrian idol is Scott Brash as he is such a talented and amazing rider to watch, he always keeps his cool even when it doesn’t always go to plan. 

We would like to wish all the riders representing Kings Oak the very best of luck. We hope you all have a wonderful day with your ponies